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To our valued customers,

Phase 1 to reopen retail stores comes with much joy and trepidation.  As many of you are aware, we are located in the Historic Tin Mill building that provides street access to our loft location. Due to the common entrance into the building, we have genuine concerns ‘at this moment’ about the shared entrance and stairwell. We wish to continue working on establishing protocols to ensure the safety and health of our staff and customers. We will continue to keep you updated.

Thank you for your continued support throughout this chaos. We are incredibly grateful to each and every one of you!! Please continue to embrace Shopify and/or DM regarding online purchases. Safe curbside pickups at Kim’s home will remain in effect until further notice.


Stay safe and stay healthy friends!

Kimberley Kelland

53 Toronto St. N (3rd Floor), Uxbridge!

in the historic Tin Mill Building

Kimberley Kelland has a long history in Retail Fashion dating back to 1971 when her God Mother Mary Hogg opened Strawberry Threads! Kimberley and her sisters purchased the boutique in 1996 and sold the business in 2006. Since 1971, Kimberley had styled thousands of customers, enjoyed merchandising the store and buying the fabulous lines while loving every aspect. Her heart had so missed the atmosphere of the fashion business so Kimberley opened a new boutique by her name sake in 2016. She is located in the Historic Tin Mill Building on the 3rd floor. She is open to the public daily (subject to posted changes) and after hours by appointment. Kimberley welcomes new customers and appreciates the on-going support of the community.

Size range: XS – XL and the corresponding numeric sizes! Price Range: Mid range smattered with some low (if its an awesome item) & semi higher (if it’s an irresistible item).

I am happy to provide personal styling services to help women feel empowered and feel their best no matter what the occasion- from day to day to your next big event.

I am pleased to offer a number of different clothing lines in store, however I am not married to any specific line… I take the strongest of the seasons offering so this listing can be forever changing!

Shipping available anywhere in Canada and the US.




Phone: 416-540-1799

Holidays and long weekend hours vary. Please check the Kimberley Kelland Fashions’ Instagram and/or Facebook page, or feel free to call or text.

Special Hours Notice

Closed Mondays in February & March.
Closed long weekend Mondays.
Closed July 1st.
Closed Sundays in August.

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